Epic Studios July 22nd Fight Results

Jack Smith vs Gary Reeve

Jack Smith in his first appearance on a Norwich show is a 4 round contest. Smith dominated round 1, second round was close. Round 3 Smith dominated again. Good defence, couple hooks and power shots landed. Final result was points decision 40 – 36 in favour of Jack Smith.

Connor Vian vs. Danny Little

Second fight of the evening over 4 rounds Connor Vian faces Danny Little. First round Vian dominates landing several shots, more of the same in the second with Vian landing more powerful body shots. Little with a good defence and showing good endurance. Round 3 Little comes back landing shots and taking some in return, close round. Final round Vian dominates to win by points decision 40 – 36.

Fabio Wardley vs. Zheko Zhekov

The third fight is a heavyweight division contest and the first appearance of Fabio Wardley on a Norwich show. First round Zhekov is down twice by powerful shots to the head and body. Fabio Wardley wins by first round KO.

Iain Martell vs. Jenrich Velecky

The fourth fight is the highly anticipated pro debut of Iain Martell in a cruiserweight contest over 4 rounds. First round very aggressive from Martell, landing several big shots and forcing his opponent to tuck up on the ropes for most of the round. Second round starts slower, some good body shots from Martell, but still nothing back from Velecky. Third round Velecky throws some big shots, but misses Martell hits back landing shots to the head and body. Referee calls an end to the contest in between rounds 3 and 4 due to swelling on Velecky’s head.

Nathan Dale vs. Nathan Hardy

Next up we have Nathan Dale competing in a 6 round contest vs. Nathan Hardy. Close first round with both fighters landing shots, Dale with a slight upper hand. Second round better from Dale, more movement slipping shots and lands several in return on Hardy. Third round close again with Dale landing a big shot to the head toward the end of the round. Fourth round close again. Fifth round Dale starts well landing several counter shots to the head of Hardy and comfortably wins the round. Final round another close one with Hardy throwing body shots and combos at Dale, but he defends well and lands some counter shots. Nathan Dale wins by points decision 60 – 56.

Zaiphan Morris vs. Luke Fash

Zaiphan Morris competes with Luke Fash over 8 rounds for the Challenge title. First round good work from Morris, not much in return from Fash and more of the same in the second round, with a bit more work coming from Fash. Third round more aggression from Morris landing jab after jab on Fash, Fash comes back with some shots but Morris defends well. Fourth round Fash starts aggressively and lands a few shots on Morris including some to the back of the head, the referee gives Fash a talking to, but again Morris defends well and counters landing solid jabs to the head. Round 5 Morris takes a few shots from Fash, good movement from Morris to avoid a very aggressive Luke Fash. much of the same in the sixth with Morris landing a few shots to the head. Seventh round boxers clinch and trade shots, landing jabs on each other another close round. Final round lots of clinching and holding on with one or two shots getting through. The result is a draw 77 – 77.

Craig Poxton vs. Ibrar Ryiaz

Craig Poxton fights Ibrar Ryiaz in an 8 round contest for the international Challenge belt. First round Poxton the more aggressive, naming a few shots past Ryiaz’ guard. Second round more of the same until Riyaz lands a big right hand and Poxton goes down, but gets back up. Third round starts fast with both fighters throwing big shots and landing, the better work coming from Poxton. Fourth round Poxton lands some good shots, Ryiaz not able to respond with much until near the end of the round. Sixth round Poxton keeps up the pressure, but Riyaz lands some powerful shots to the head and body in response. Seventh round Poxton puts in more work, getting caught on the counter a couple of times, but does enough to win the round. Final round boxers trading shots The result is Craig Poxton wins by points decision 78-74