Friday Fight Night at The Halls 3 Liveblog

Live blogging for the event will begin at 6pm Friday 4th March.

March 4, 20166:43 pm

Doors are open, fights will begin shortly.

March 4, 20166:50 pm

Ryan Frost will be contesting in the first bout of the night.

March 4, 20167:53 pm

Boxers entering the ring now for the first contest.

March 4, 20167:57 pm

Strong start from Ryan landing a few good shots, but was knocked down in the dying seconds of the round.

March 4, 20168:01 pm

Round 2 ended better from Ryan landing more good shots and winning the round.

March 4, 20168:05 pm

Round 3 Ryan looks to have hurt his opponent with some powerful shots to the body.

March 4, 20168:37 pm

Apologies for delay due to technical difficulties. Ryan Frost won on points 40 – 38. Next up was Zaiphan Morris who beat his opponent comforably on points 40 – 36.

March 4, 20168:56 pm

Billy Bird was next up, he looked strong in each round, landing powerful shots which looked to hurt his opponent. Billy won on points 40 – 36.

March 4, 20169:22 pm

Prince Patel in this evening’s super flyweight contest looked confident in the ring. Prince had a tough opponent who made him work hard and knocked down Prince in the final round. The fight finished in a draw 38 – 38.

March 4, 20169:50 pm

Joe Hurn stopped his opponent in the first round with some powerful shots to the body.

March 4, 201610:26 pm

Next Alan Ratibb boxed well to win on points 40 – 36.

March 4, 201610:33 pm

Sam Sexton looked strong and worked the jab effectively in his headline contest against Peter Erdos. Erdos’ corner threw in a towel during the 4th round and forfeited the fight.

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