Rising Stars at The Halls event round-up

Joe Hurn's Challenge BeltWith yet another fantastic night of boxing at The Halls courtesy of Shamrock Promotions we have a new Challenge title holder.

Joe Hurn defeated Marcus Le Doux in a breathtaking 8 round contest, with Le Doux being knocked down twice. The first knockdown happened in the first minute of the first round and then again in the fifth round, both times it was Joe’s powerful right hooks doing the damage. However Le Doux fought on bravely and Joe went on to win the fight on points 78 – 74 and took home the Challenge belt – his first professional title.

Joe Hurn with Challenge BeltWe caught up with Joe after the fight and asked him how he thought it went, he said “It was a good battle. I knocked him down in the first round, caught him with a sweet shot and thought I might get him out early, but he dug in and gave me a good fight”.

A clash of heads during the second round gave Joe a cut to the left cheek and later in the fourth round a good shot from Le Doux caused a cut above Joe’s right eye.

We would like to thank Joe’s enthusiastic supporters for making the trip to Norwich to cheer him on to victory. Throughout the fight Joe’s supporters could be heard chanting “There’s only one Joe Hurn”.

Also at the event Sam Sexton gave a solid and consistent performance in a 6 round fight to comfortably beat Tomas Mrazek on points 60 – 54. Throughout the fight Sam looked strong and sharp which will hopefully help him on his way to having another shot at the big time in the new year.

Zaiphan Morris gave an excellent performance in a 4 round contest to beat Russ Midgley on points 40 – 37. Throughout the fight Zaiphan looked confident and he was helped on by his supporters who made a huge amount of noise to let him know they were behind him. We caught up with Zaiphan after the fight and he said “I think the build up for today was good and it all came together perfectly. I felt good before I got here, felt good as I went up to the ring and ultimately felt good in the ring. I’m happy with the performance, still learning as always, not 100% happy with the performance, but I never am and that’s what drives me on to get better. That said I was still pleased with the performance.” and when asked about the future for Zaiphan he said “Onwards upwards always, hard work pays off always and that’s what I’m going to keep doing, looking onwards, trying to move upwards and just keep on grafting”.

Billy Bird fought Duane Green, another local boxer, after his opponent pulled out of the fight at the last minute. Billy looked powerful in the ring as he won the 4 round fight against Duane on points 40 – 36. We caught up with Billy after the fight and asked him about it and he said “It’s a shame that my opponent pulled out and we didn’t have enough time to get a replacement. Luckily enough Duane was able to step in and it was a great fight. We have sparred before and he has helped me through all of my camps. Duane is a tough lad, he’s ranked higher than me which will help me out with my ranking. It was a good fight and I’m ready for the next one”.

Unfortunately for Craig Poxton his opponent also pulled out of the fight at the last minute, being rushed to hospital with an injury. They were unable to find a suitable opponent in time for Craig so he went on to fight in an exhibition match with Ryan Walsh. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see Craig in action at this show, but we will look forward to seeing him fight for the English super-featherweight title against Andy Townend next February.

Thanks to Mervyn Turner and Graham Everett for allowing us to attend the event and thanks to all of the boxers on the show for their great performances in the ring and for talking to us after the show.

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