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November 16, 201512:46 pm

Welcome to the live blog for Rising Stars! Live blogging will start 20th November at 6pm.

November 20, 20156:03 pm

Fights announced: first up an exhibition with Ryan Walsh and Craig Poxton as Craig’s opponent has pulled out with an injury. Then Billy Bird will be fighting Duane Green.

November 20, 20156:12 pm

Zaiphan Morris will fight Russ Midgley and Sam Sexton will fight Tomas Mrazek.

November 20, 20156:22 pm

Doors are open, The Halls is beginning to fill up with boxing fans!

November 20, 20157:13 pm

The atmosphere is building in The Halls now as Craig and Ryan are warming up for the first fight which will be an exhibition.

November 20, 20158:01 pm

First fight will commence in 10 minutes. Delays due to transport issues for people coming in to Norwich.

November 20, 20158:16 pm

Craig and Ryan are now entering the ring.

November 20, 20158:19 pm

Boxers in the ring, first round now starting. It’s going to be a 6 round exhibition.

November 20, 20158:22 pm

Good shots to the head by Walsh, no real power in the shots. First round to Walsh.

November 20, 20158:25 pm

Second round finished, some good shots by both fighters, draw.

November 20, 20158:27 pm

Third round, even but more aggressive from Poxton, round to Poxton.

November 20, 20158:29 pm

Walsh switches to southpaw and starts to turn on the heat.

November 20, 20158:29 pm

Fourth round to Walsh.

November 20, 20158:32 pm

Fifth round good body shots by Walsh but Poxton the more aggressive, draw.

November 20, 20158:35 pm

Sixth and final round even but again more agressive from Poxton, nice right hook from Walsh at the end of the round.

November 20, 20158:39 pm

Next up will be Billy Bird fighting another local boxer Duane Green.

November 20, 20158:41 pm

Fighters are in the ring, 4 rounds, first round now starting.

November 20, 20158:45 pm

Very good shots to the head and body by Bird, very agressive and dodging what Green throws at him, first round to Bird.

November 20, 20158:48 pm

Second round Bird gets caught with a couple of Jabs, but again agressive from Bird who looks powerful, draw.

November 20, 20158:52 pm

Third round some good body shots from Bird and dodging well but green lands a good shot towards the end, round to Bird.

November 20, 20158:56 pm

Great jabs and evading the counter from Bird, final round to Bird finishing around 3 points ahead.

November 20, 20158:58 pm

Billy Bird wins on points 36 – 40.

November 20, 20159:01 pm

Next up we have Zaiphan Morris fighting Russ Midgley.

November 20, 20159:02 pm

Next up we have Zaiphan Morris fighting Russ Midgley.

November 20, 20159:05 pm

Huge applause for Zaiphan!

November 20, 20159:05 pm

First round started.

November 20, 20159:06 pm

Morris ducks some hooks from Midgley and lands some good body shots on the counter.

November 20, 20159:08 pm

First round to Morris, both fighters looking agressive.

November 20, 20159:12 pm

Second round Morris lands some great shots and looks to have shaken Midgley forcing him to cover up. Another round to Morris.

November 20, 20159:16 pm

Third round Midgley struggles to land shots, good aggression but not enough to win the round, Morris with a good shot in toward the end of the round.

November 20, 20159:17 pm

Final round starting.

November 20, 20159:18 pm

Fantastic shot early on from Morris looks to have hurt Midgley.

November 20, 20159:20 pm

Final round to Morris, 4 points ahead has surely won the fight on points.

November 20, 20159:21 pm

Judge scores it 40 – 37 to Morris.

November 20, 20159:29 pm

A 15 minute interval now as Ryan and Liam Walsh allow people to have their picture taken with them and their British title belts for charity.

November 20, 20159:52 pm

Next up Sam Sexton fights Tomas Mzarek over 6 rounds.

November 20, 20159:53 pm

First round started.

November 20, 20159:56 pm

Sexton the more agressive, some good shots landed and some great hooks to the body. Round to Sexton.

November 20, 20159:58 pm

Second round again Sexton lands some great shots with his opponent against the ropes.

November 20, 201510:00 pm

Second round to Sexton.

November 20, 201510:04 pm

Third round Sexton throwing shots to the body seem to be hurting Mrazek, another round to Sexton.

November 20, 201510:08 pm

Fourth round Mrazek looking more agressive but Sexton lands a few good shots ahead, another round to Sexton.

November 20, 201510:10 pm

Fifth round Sexton gets some good shots in early on and looks to have shaken Mrazek.

November 20, 201510:12 pm

More shots to the body by Sexton, Mrazek can’t get near him, another round to Sexton.

November 20, 201510:14 pm

Final round Sexton lands some good combinations and jabs.

November 20, 201510:17 pm

Sexton dominates the end of the round and the fight is finished. Sexton 6 points ahead.

November 20, 201510:18 pm

Sexton wins on points, 60 – 54.

November 20, 201510:26 pm

Final contest Joe Hurn fights  Marcus Le Doux for the Challenge title. The boxers are entering the ring now.

November 20, 201510:27 pm

First round starting.

November 20, 201510:28 pm

An 8 round fight.

November 20, 201510:30 pm

Knockdown! Le Doux goes down from a great right hook from Hurn.

November 20, 201510:31 pm

First round Le Doux looks shaken, Hurn 2 points ahead.

November 20, 201510:35 pm

Second round Hurn lands a good uppercut but his eye could be cut, Le Doux looks the same. More good shorts from Hurn.

November 20, 201510:36 pm

Hurn’s cheek is cut going into the third round, second round a draw.

November 20, 201510:40 pm

Third round Le Doux not making it easy for Hurn but his eye is closing up. Good shots by both boxers, draw.

November 20, 201510:43 pm

Fourth round the crowd getting behind Hurn as he lands some good shots and looks the more agressive Le Doux against the ropes. Round to Hurn.

November 20, 201510:45 pm

A really good fight. Great performances from both fighters going in to round 5.

November 20, 201510:45 pm

Le Doux is bleeding from the nose.

November 20, 201510:48 pm

Fifth round and some good shorts from Hurn, both fighters look to be tiring, another round to Hurn.

November 20, 201510:51 pm

Sixth round Hurn looking tired but gets another knockdown!

November 20, 201510:52 pm

Right hand knocks down Le Doux but he gets back up. Another round to Hurn.

November 20, 201510:53 pm

Seventh round starting. Uncharted territory for Hurn but he looks confident.

November 20, 201510:56 pm

More good shots from Hurn working the body well. Seventh round to Hurn.

November 20, 201510:56 pm

Eighth and final round now starting.

November 20, 201510:58 pm

Some good shorts from Le Doux early on.

November 20, 201510:58 pm

Crowd really getting behind Hurn now.

November 20, 201511:00 pm

Good shot from Hurn at the end of the round and the fight has finished.

November 20, 201511:01 pm

Hurn is around 5 points ahead as we wait for the judge’s decision.

November 20, 201511:01 pm

A great fight with good performances from both fighters.

November 20, 201511:02 pm

The judge scores it 78 – 74 to Hurn and we have a new Challenge title holder Joe Hurn!

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