Dale vs. Bowes Fight Night Round By Round

After a thrilling night of Boxing presented by Shamrock Promotions, here is a round by round write up of the Nathan Dale vs. Phillip Bowes fight including all undercard fights from The Halls on November 25th 2016.

Nathan Dale Phillip Bowes The Halls Norwich

Nathan Dale vs. Philip Bowes

First round Dale caught with a big shot, stumbles back onto the ropes and manages to keep on his feet. Dale lands a couple of good shots in return, Bowes countering well. Bowes round.

Second round Bowes feinting the jab at the start of the round, Dale avoids combos with some excellent movement and landing some good shots on Bowes in response. Round to Dale.

Third round Bowes starts aggressively, but fails to land anything meaningful. Good body shots from Dale, but again Bowes counters well. Bowes more defensive towards the end of the round with Dale landing the better shots. More feinting from Bowes as Dale lands another couple of shots to closely win the round.

Fourth round Bowes blocks a big right hand from Dale, counters and lands a right hook to the body. Bowes slips more shots from Dale and counters well, landing shots to the head. Boxers exchange jabs and both land hook shots. Close round goes to Bowes.

Fifth round more aggressive from Bowes as he lands some powerful shots on Dale. Dale manages to land a couple of shots despite good movement from Bowes. Dale landing the jab more toward the end of the round and gets some good body shots in, countered well by Bowes. Close round to Dale.

Sixth round Bowes countering well with both boxers landing shots, Dale the more aggressive. Bowes avoids some big right hands from Dale. Dale lands more shots as Bowes waves him on catching dale with a good right hook. Close round to Bowes.

Seventh round Bowes lands a jab, but Dale avoids his power shots and counters effectively. Boxers change powerful jabs which connect. Dale backs Bowes into the corner and throws some good shots, but bowes taunts him once again. Timeout for Bowes as his trainer examines his foot. Good right hand from Dale at the end of the round. Another close round goes to Bowes.

Eighth round Bowes throwing more shots, nothing meaningful connects. Bowes throws a big shot and misses, Dale counters and lands a big shot. Bowes misses another big left hook. Bowes counters well and lands a big shot. Dale backs him into the corner, but Bowes lands a huge shot which sends Dale stumbling back and loosing his balance he hits the canvas and gets counted down. Dale gets to his feet and the round ends. Round to Bowes.

Ninth round Dale landing some big shots, but Bowes stays on his feet. Both boxers landing good shots as they exchange hooks in the corner. Dale ducks a combo from Bowes. Dale Round.

Tenth round both boxers exchange jabs, big shots land from Dale, Bowes stays on his feet. more big shots from Dale, Bowes holding when heโ€™s not on the back foot. Round goes to Dale.

Fight result 97 – 93 to the winner by points decision Phillip Bowes.


The Halls November 25th 2016

Scott Moises vs Kristian Leight

First round good combos from Moises, nothing in response from Leight.

Second round Moises landing power shots to head and body, Leight starting to respond.

Third round good shot to the body landed by Moises then a good right hook to the head connects on Leight. More good combos from Moises, Leight responds with some good shots towards end of the round, but Moises just showboating and throwing bolo punches.

Fourth round Moises throwing and landing combos to the body. Moises dominates.

Fight result 40 – 36 to the winner by points decision Scott Moises.

Marcus Poston vs. Quasim Hussein

First round Hussein catches Poston with some good shots, his high guard blocking all of Postons shots to the head. Hussein lands a big shot that puts Poston down on the canvas just before the round ends.

Second round Hussein throwing big shots, Poston on the ropes, responding with fast combos with limited success. Hussein lands more big shots then Poston responds by landing good hook to the body.

Third round Poston on the back foot, Hussein getting on the inside landing good body shots. Poston using his strength to keep Hussein at distance, throwing and landing series of jabs on Hussein.

Fourth round more of the same from Hussein with Poston responding and landing some good shots. Hussein throwing more big shots, but good movement from Poston to avoid and block effectively.

Fight result 39 – 37 to the winner by points decision Quasim Hussein.

Alan Ratibb vs. David Meko

First round aggressive start from Meko, Ratibb landing the more meaningful shots towards the end of the round.

Second round Meko hits the canvas towards the end of the round with a good right hook from Ratibb.

Third round good shots landed by both boxers, Ratibb cutting off the ring well and being the more aggressive boxer.

Fourth round boxers exchange hooks, then Ratibb lands a big right hand.

Fight result 40 – 36 to the winner by points decision Alan Ratibb.

Zaiphan Morris vs Harvey Hemsley

First round Morris the more aggressive, landing hooks to the body, not much of a response from Hemsley.

Second round good movement from Morris on the back foot. Good response from Morris, Hemsley struggling to land shots.

Third round Morris getting on the inside landing shots, Hemsley looking tired toward the end of the round.

Fourth round good right hooks to the head by Morris, decent response from Hemsley landing more shots, but Morris counters well.

Fifth round more good shots from Morris, landing some big shots. Morris backing Hemsley up against the ropes and landing powerful shots.

Sixth round more aggression from Hemsley, Morris responds well with good body shots and uppercuts, good movement from Morris countering well and landing a big right hand towards the end of the round.

Fight result 59 – 56 to the winner by points decision Zaiphan Morris.

Joe Hurn vs. William Warbarton

First round Hurn backing up Warbarton on the corners, landing big shots, Warbarton countering well landing shots, but taking some powerful body shots towards the end of the round.

Second round more of the same from Hurn landing powerful shots to the head and body, Warbarton countering well and landing combos.

Third round not many shots landed at the start of the round, both boxers more defensive. Warbarton throwing massive combos towards the end of the round and landing shots.

Fourth round Hurn lands a big right hand to the head, but Warbarton stays on his feet. Warbarton throwing combos and landing small shots. Hurn throwing huge shots, Warbarton with good movement to avoid them.

Fifth round pressure on Warbarton now with Hurn throwing everything at him, no big shots landing though as Warbarton moves and counters well. Joe taking some shots, blood coming from his nose.

Sixth round big shots landed from both boxers, Hurn bleeding from the nose, but still piling on the pressure. Warbarton nearly goes down in the corner as Hurn goes to work on the inside, but the fight goes to a points decision.

Fight result 58 – 58 a draw.

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