Nathan Dale hand injury

Norwich boxer Nathan Dale has been boxing with a hand injury for a few years now. After his last bout at The Halls fighting for the IBF world youth title that he won by stoppage, the injured hand became too much to handle. It needed to be looked at before he could continue to the next stage of his career.

After getting in contact with Mike Hayton at Wrightington hospital, Nathan and his team felt that he was the man to carry out surgery on the hand. Upon inspection of the hand, the surgeon was surprised that Nathan had been able to box at the level that he has been for so long.

The hand needed 2nd, 3rd & 4th carpometa carpal joint fusion and an iliac crest bone grafting, which means bone and skin grafts were taken from Nathan’s hip. After the surgery Mike Hayton was very happy with the way that it had gone. Since then Nathan has been back and was told that it’s healing very well.

Unfortunately the injury has stopped Nathan (who has built a record of 17 wins with no losses and winning multiple titles) from boxing for the rest of the year. We hope to see Nathan back in the ring early next year and I’m sure that with all injury problems behind him we will see him back soon competing for titles.

All of Norwich Boxing would like to wish Nathan a speedy recovery. We will keep you posted with more news and info on Nathan’s recovery process.

Nathan Dale talks about his hand injury

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